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In April 2014, people from Flint, Michigan started falling sick after the city began supplying drinking water from a new source. The water was contaminated with lead; and due to inadequate testing or overlooked violations around 100,000 residents were exposed to dangerous levels of lead contamination; death rates increased by 58%.

This tragedy shook Vivek Mehta and inspired him to find a solution to prevent such catastrophes that can affect communities. Vivek needed a partner who could assist in building smart compliance inspection solutions to keep communities safe across the world.


The DXFactor and ARInspect team conducted a thorough research of the United States’ inspection market; the data collected from state/federal agencies allowed us to understand that:

  • There are extreme inefficiencies in scheduling, historic data accessibility, and communication between regulated entities and field inspectors which prevents them from regulating compliances and uncovering bad actors
  • Enforcement divisions are asked to do more with less; with little to no modernization, problems for compliance teams are growing
  • Inspections are performed the same way they were done decades ago, resulting in inspectors spending 40% time in pre/post audit tasks when they could be out in the field
  • Many inspections are still done with pen and paper, putting an undue burden on inspectors to organize and ensure the accuracy of their handwritten results
  • Audit locations are selected randomly, without considering efficient travel routes, which impact the inspector’s productivity and effectiveness
  • With around 3,000 sites for each inspector and without data driven prioritization/scheduling, critical violations are getting undetected


DXFactor, with its proven expertise in product development, artificial intelligence, and data science helped ARInspect grow from a “paper napkin” idea to one of the most complex and meaningful compliance inspection platforms available today, in only a matter of months.

ML Algorithm

Risk ID

Mobility & Automation

The platform enables inspection organizations to utilize the true power of data they hold to meet their compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs through:

  • Real-Time Data Access
    With the mobile application, inspectors have full access to case files even in offline mode, so no more delaying an audit because they did not pull the right file to bring into the field. The app maximizes the inspector’s time in the field by eliminating all tasks that were previously done manually – for example, taking pictures or measuring areas, etc. Inspectors can also check past reports, view and use diagrams they’ve drawn and annotated, communicate with regulated businesses, and interact with the office for in-field data access
  • Risk Identification and Prioritization
    We cross-pollinated inspection agencies’ data with a unique mixture of external data and passed it to Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Machine Learning models for risk-based priority scoring so managers can prioritize and schedule inspections based on risk scores
    1. The compliance risk score indicates high-risk facilities/issues for inspectors to focus on
    2. EHS risk score indicates a potential risk to the community if high-risk items were left unaddressed
  • Scheduling Flexibility
    A cloud-based web portal enables administrators, managers, and supervisors to plan assignments, adjust schedules changes, run reports, and perform inspection reviews. With centralized back-office, regulated entities get better visibility on sites/businesses thus driving efficient communication and customer service
  • Flawless Communication
    With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), inspection reports and enforcement documents are getting created on the fly. Inspectors can send notifications and follow up to the facility owners. Moreover, inspectors can share reports and recommendations with audited entities to clear up any misunderstandings from past inspections
  • Direct Line for Citizens
    With the regulated citizens portal facility, owners can see all of their previous inspections and enforcement actions along with following up on their compliance issues. The communication portal becomes a single point of communication between inspectors and citizens eliminating the burden of emails, paper correspondences, voicemails, etc


The result was a comprehensive suite containing an augmented reality enabled mobile app for inspectors, a back-end tool for administrators, and a web portal for citizens.

ARInspect’s Smart Inspection Platform combines out-of-the-box features with flexible configuration options for different compliance use cases to create the most advanced platform for government enforcement and inspections.

  • 15% increase in discovering high-risk violators with the cross-pollination of data
  • 50% increase in workers in field time by automating pre and post-inspection processes
  • 20% improvement in tracking lost revenue thanks to increased inspection rate
  • 25% reduction in inspections backlog because of lesser follow-up visits
  • $750,000 savings with the hybrid development team based in the USA and India
  • ARInspect secured contracts with New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection and The Puerto Rican Government

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