Extract, Reconcile, Transform or even find the right data

Struggling to reconcile or even find the right data?

We help you bring data across the enterprise, regardless of location or format. Then we cross-pollinate data of interest with external data to build a solid data foundation and values that do not yet exist and have never existed within the enterprise.

Data Capture Services We Offer

  • Data

    Retrieve data-in-motion as well as data-at-rest, from different resources like online repositories, logs, databases, and web servers.

  • Character

    Convert unstructured and structured text embedded documents, images, etc. into machine readable format.

  • Data

    Create new data values for the enterprise by devices or human operators.

  • Micro

    Fetch data from an external online source using a web crawler (“robot” or “scraper”) into a machine-readable format.

  • Signal

    Capture the real-time data produced by sensors, control systems, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices.

  • Data

    Some clients may not have data to solve their problems. We help our clients capture the needed data from anywhere, anything, anyhow!

Technology Stack


See how an agricultural data aggregator segmented 2 million+ farmers into various categories.

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