Orchestrate, Curate, Cleanse and Enrich your data for analysis

Unsure about how to prepare data for analysis?

Now that you have the raw data, it’s time to prepare it. Without structure, data is inconsistent and meaningless. Our data engineers and architects ensure that all data of interest is connected, sourced, cleaned, enriched, managed, and stored – without losing on granularity and value as the data travels through its journey.

Getting control of your data isn’t an end in itself. It’s about creating a resource that helps in achieving the right outcome for the organization. To make sure that data pipeline constantly feeds the business we set up automatic processes to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) all of your disparate data, seamlessly moving from raw, unconnected data sets to formatted and structured data into actionable intelligence.

Data Engineering Offerings

  • Data

    Integrate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data using a combination of ETL and ELT techniques to make all data available in the right format at the right place.

  • Data

    Design and build data models (ODS, Data Marts, Data Warehouse, Data Lakes) and information architectures that are directly usable in data modeling.

  • Data

    Comprehensively organize data, correct inaccuracies, remove outliers or duplicates, and infer missing data to produce a single data source for accurate analysis and interpretation.

  • Data Shaping

    Apply logic, patterns, and conversion algorithms to transform data into a standardized, consistent, and preferred format.

  • Data

    Append additional information associated with the data in question, based on internal or external sources, to obtain a richer content.

  • Data

    Set up the controls and processes you need to ensure good data quality. This is the foundation for accurate, trustworthy business intelligence.

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