Blueprint to unlock the true power of your data

Not sure where to start? We’ll put together a blueprint to demonstrate what’s possible.

We don’t care who you choose as a vendor, but we beg you to not start any Data Projects without a Strategy. You have a feeling you can do something valuable with organizational data, but don’t know what to do with it.

You know your BUSINESS. We know DATA.

We work with you to imagine all that is possible, assess what is achievable, and design a clear execution plan tracing data to value.

We leverage DXFactor’s 100K+ use case libraries to align your data with technology and people within your business, leverage your business’ strengths and advantages to make your data initiative a success.

Step 1
The journey starts with us listening (and asking lots of questions).
Step 2
We spend the time to understand your big or small data challenges, business goals, and translate them into data questions.
Step 3
Obsessed with Outcomes, we will try to address critical questions before going any further, including:

How can a Data Strategy help you?

  • Data Maturity Audit

    There is no one-size-fits-all model for leveraging data. Before embarking the data journey, our maturity assessment helps you assess your capabilities, understand your strengths, benchmark your business against your peers, and highlights where capability needs to be augmented to effectively manage your key data challenges.

  • Data Blueprint

    We will deliver a blueprint for success to achieve both concrete and immediate ROI as well as long-term strategic value from your systems and data. The data operating model would also assist all stakeholders to understand the what, how, and why of the project.


Learn how Fortune 50 logistic companies reduce data costs by $500,000 per year.

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